Celebrating 90 years of Disney's Mickey Mouse

Celebrating 90 years of Disney's Mickey Mouse

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We're so excited to be celebrating 90 years of Disney's Mickey Mouse with these two beyond classic Disney designs. Who would have guessed that 90 years ago on November 18, 1928, one of the most recognizable global icons would be introduced to the world? That day, Walt Disney introduced the true original and Mickey has since continued to positively impact fans of all ages across the world.

Mickey Through the Years
Four side by side images of Mickey Mouse pop up, all smiling and posing in his iconic stance. From the well-known original Steamboat Willie, all the way to the present-day character we all know and love, nothing says nostalgia better than Disney's Mickey Mouse.

"One of my favorite parts of this card is that there's no printing on the sculpture of Mickey," Norma said. "Each paper layer is carefully laser cut to show off the color underneath - true paper art. The silver foil inner-cover pattern also adds some sophistication!"

Mickey & Minnie in Love
Upon opening this design, a smiling Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse both appear, leaning against each other with crossed arms. In their classic red and white outfits, yellow shoes, and iconic smiles, they're surrounded by phrases of love written across the background of this design.

Our designer Kincso was able to visit the Mickey: The True Original Exhibition in NYC a few months ago and was blown away! "I especially like that when looking at this design from a certain angle, you can see that their tails make a heart," Kincso said.

Now that you've learned a little more about these beyond classic designs, it's time to add a magical message to your new card:

  • Hello folks!
  • Oh golly!
  • Oh boy!
  • Time to make some Mickey magic!
  • You're beyond classic.
  • Like Mickey, you're a true original!
  • Je t'aime!
  • J'adore!
  • Everything is better with you.
  • Name a more classic couple - I'll wait.
  • You're my one and only.
  • Isn't it romantic?
  • I'm falling head over heels for you.


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