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Tips and Ideas for Meaningful Graduation Card Messages

graduation hat pop up cards

Lovepop Graduation Hats Pop-Up Card


Long flowing gowns. Intricately decorated caps. Tassels in every color. It’s graduation season!

Someone you love dearly is about to walk across a long wooden stage and finally receive their diploma, which they worked endless hours to achieve. Once they exit the other side of the stage, diploma in hand, they’re ready to take on whatever opportunities lie ahead of them.

Whether your loved one is graduating from kindergarten, middle school, high school, college, post-grad, or even onto their next chapter of life — it’s certainly an achievement worth celebrating. Commencement is a rite of passage for many people. A graduation is not just an end, it is a new beginning; the start of a new chapter in a person's life. As commencement season begins, we recognize our loved one's achievements in a variety of ways. Sending a "congratulations" card is one of the most popular ways to let the graduate know we are thinking of them and wishing them well on the start of their new adventure. But how do you craft a personal message that will stand out in the "congratulations" crowd? Here are a few tips on what to write in a graduation card and how to write the most memorable and meaningful message. 

How to Write a Graduation Card: 5 Tips

1Find a celebration-worthy card

Every graduate will receive an endless number of cards congratulating them on their well-deserved accomplishments. Don’t you want your card to pop out from the rest? 

2. Be simple and sincere

Keeping your message brief and specific, but thoughtful, will leave a lasting impact on your loved one.

A great graduation message is similar to a well-composed toast. Short and sweet is always a safe bet, and a poignant message of advice and encouragement will always be a welcome addition to a beautifully crafted card. Say congratulations, mention an important achievement, boast how proud you are of them, and wish them the best of luck in the future. An honest and heartfelt approach to your message will speak volumes to the graduate. 

3. Make it personal

A milestone such as this often has us reflect on the relationship with the graduate. We think of how much they have grown and accomplished. It is important to carry this emotion over into your card. For someone close to you, mentioning a personal memory you share or calling attention to their degree/specialty makes the message meaningful and distinct. 

If you’re challenged by what to fill the blank space with, consider what things were like in ‘your time.’  Whether you too went through the traditional school progression, or simply had major career milestones, use those experiences to inspire your writing. Those candid memories and wisdom are the makings of a perfectly put message that any graduate will enjoy. It will give the graduate a relatable sentiment to remember as he or she embarks on the next chapter of life.

If you have known the person for a long time, consider including a photo of them from their childhood - a personal time-hop will put their accomplishments into true perspective. If you decide to go the humorous route, remember to keep things positive!

If you don't know the graduate that well, or you feel that your written message won't truly convey how you feel, get creative by adding an inspirational quote, photo, or choose a card that will truly wow your graduate. 

4. Be creative

Consider including a business card of your accountant or a real-estate connection to help start him or her out on the right foot. Practical real-world guidance will certainly be used long after the feeling of euphoria from graduation has worn off. 

5. Give your card in person

Of course, we realize it’s not always possible to hand deliver your card to its recipient. They’ll be ecstatic to get their card even if it’s mailed to them. However, there’s nothing better than seeing the smile on your loved one’s face when they realize how much magic you’ve put into their card.


graduation ceremony pop up card

 Lovepop Graduation Ceremony Pop-Up Card

Congratulation Graduation Wishes

Inspiring Graduation Messages

  1. Your hard work and dedication has gotten you to this exciting moment in your life!
  2. It feels like just yesterday that you were a little kid sitting up on my shoulders. We love you more than words could ever explain.
  3. You graduated! You have a degree! We’re beyond proud of everything you’ve accomplished.
  4. We can’t believe our little girl/boy is about to graduate! We’re such proud parents.
  5. You’re truly an inspiration. I’ve loved seeing you turn into the wonderful person you’ve become. 
  6. You continue to dream bigger & reach for more. You are going to change the world; I know it. Congrats! 
  7. You have the brains. You have the heart. And now you have the proof! May you feel as unstoppable as we all know you are. Best wishes! 
  8. Congratulations on taking the road less traveled. We are so proud of the path you've taken. You deserve all the success in the world!

Encouraging Graduation Messages

  1. Can’t wait to see how you’ll change the world. Best wishes for all the success to come!
  2. You’re prepared for a lifetime of achievements and we look forward to seeing what you do next!
  3. It’s all about the journey, not the destination. Enjoy the ride!
  4. The day has finally come to wish you well on your next endeavor. Whatever new opportunities may arise, we know you’re going to do a great job!
  5. We want to wish you luck as you finally get the opportunity to pursue your dreams!
  6. We’re so excited to see all of the amazing things you’ll do with your degree.
  7. You’re going to make the best <insert job here> there ever was. We believe in you!
  8. Best wishes for your next chapter in life.
  9. We’re so excited for you to continue your education! You’re going to be the smartest one in the family soon enough!
  10. We know you’re going to do absolutely amazing things and we can't wait to be there to watch your successes.
  11. When one door closes, another one opens. I can't wait to see which you will choose! Cheers to new adventures.
  12. Caps off to you, (name)! Congratulations on the completion of this journey. It hasn't been easy, but you never gave up!  

Funny Graduation Messages

  1. Phew. The easy part is done!
  2. Hope you enjoyed taking day naps. Congratulations, graduate!
  3. The dining hall was great while it lasted. First meal is on us, graduate. *include a gift card to a local restaurant
  4. Looking the part is half the battle. Put this gift towards something ‘business’ appropriate. Good luck!

Creative Graduation Messages

  1. We are so bear-y proud of your and your achievements.
  2. Hats off to you and your accomplishments!
  3. No kitten, you graduated? Concatulations!
  4. Cheers to a job well done!
  5. You might have experienced a few ruff patches getting here, but you did it! We’re pawsitivity sure you’re going to do great things.
  6. Congratulations to a job whale done!
  7. We’ve so enjoyed watching you bloom into a hardworking and responsible adult.
  8. It’s time to blast off to your next opportunity!  
  9. It’s your time to soar! We can’t wait to see you spread your wings and fly to wherever your next opportunity lands.
  10. Your future looks bright! (So bright that this cat had to wear sunglasses!)


Whatever you decide to write, we know it will stand out inside a visually stunning card. Explore our extensive collection of graduation cards to find a meaningful card fit for the graduate in your life.


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