Webs away! Marvel x Lovepop introduce: Spider-Man

Webs away! Marvel x Lovepop introduce: Spider-Man

Spider-Man pop up card Lovepop

Lovepop and Marvel are SUPER excited to introduce our first hero-sized creation: Spider-Man!

A pop-up of epic proportions, we paid tribute to the comic legend’s illustrious roots. The Lovepop Spider-Man design features our web-slinging hero in brilliant 3D with intricate laser-cut details and iconic full-color backgrounds.

Patrick and Michelle dream teamed this design together combining their knowledge of the Super Hero’s vast comic book, cartoon, trading card, and film past to delight fans of all ages.

“We decided to hark back to old comic printings,” explained Patrick. “I love Roy Lichtenstein’s art and thought that style would look great on our cards.”

“I was inspired by John Romita Sr.’s work since I was a kid,” said Michelle, who added her illustration skills to the design. The Spider-Man card features a halftone dot illustrative style on the laser-cut cover and interior panels. The matching 3D sculpture showcases Spider-Man, ready to cast a web, across the retro-inspired city skyscape below.

Spider-Man leads the pack of Marvel-ous Lovepop creations to come. Collect Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man today! 



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