Sending Love from Afar with Long Distance Gift Ideas

Sending Love from Afar with Long Distance Gift Ideas


Having a loved one that lives a long distance away can be challenging. Not only do you miss them, you may also struggle to find them the right gift. Traditional gifts such as flowers are harder to send, and although online florists do exist, it can be stressful trying to put together the perfect bouquet without seeing it in person. Flowers can also wilt very quickly, so if your bouquet is delayed in shipping, your loved one may receive the flowers in poor condition. At Lovepop, we offer the perfect solution: beautiful, hand-crafted paper flowers. Our flowers are highly ornate and last a lifetime, so you can rest assured that your gift will withstand the test of time. If you’re looking for long distance gift ideas, we have you covered! Keep reading to discover more about our collections below. 

Flower Bouquet Collection

Delight your loved one from a distance with a pop-up from our Flower Bouquet Collection. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  1. Just Because Bouquets 3-Pack: You don’t need an occasion to send your loved one a beautiful gift! Surprise and delight them with this vivacious sunflower bouquet that pops with bright yellow blooms and complementary orange and purple blossoms, all in a purple vase with an additional sunflower surrounded by colorful leaves. 

  2. Sunflower Card with Mini Bouquet: Sometimes, it’s nice for your loved one to know that you are thinking of them. This bright and cheery card lets your loved one know that they are in your thoughts – and the colorful sunflower is guaranteed to make them smile. 

  3. Houseplant Bouquet: This classy houseplant bouquet is the perfect housewarming gift, and also makes for a great birthday present. 

  4. Tulip Bouquet: "For You" is written on the base of this colorful Tulip Bouquet, making it the perfect gift for your long distance friend, partner, or family member. Celebrate birthdays, milestones, or any "just because" moments with a flower bouquet to brighten their day.  

Handcrafted Paper Flowers

Everlasting, intricate, and one-of-a-kind—make their day with stunning Handcrafted Paper Flowers. Here are some stunning sets to get you started with: 

  1. Handcrafted Paper Flowers: 3-Stem Sunflower & Daisy Bouquet Classic: made with high-quality paper and realistic detailing, this vibrant bouquet of daisies and three stems of bright yellow sunflowers is the real deal — no watering required! The vibrant colors will brighten up any room, and the flowers will last for years with proper care. 

  2. Handcrafted Paper Flowers: Roses with Lovely Hummingbird Pop-Up Card: In a long distance relationship? Nothing says romance like beautiful red roses! This is the perfect long distance gift, whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or your loved one’s birthday. 

  3. Single Stem Purple Rose with Flamazing Birthday Flamingo Pop-Up Card: Delight your special person with this ‘’flamazing’’ pop-up card! The front of the card features three friendly flamingos in bright pink, and it opens up to reveal another flamengo and a beautiful, single-stem purpose rose. 

  4. Handcrafted Paper Flowers: Pink & Yellow Roses: These stunning roses will wow your special one, and never wilt as no water is needed to keep them bright. With every petal made by hand from premium paper, each arrangement is unique—just like real roses, but these will last a lifetime. 

Lovepop Drops Collection

The Lovepop drops collection brings small-batch releases of cutting-edge art delivered straight from our workshop. Browse some ideas from our drops collection below: 

  1. Mini Wildflower Basket Classic: This wholesome basket classic makes for the perfect long distance gift: The paper flowers spring out from a laser-cut white paper basket, with intricate details to mimic the texture of wicker. A sweet bow sits at the top of the basket's handle, with detailed braiding to create the handles. 

  2. Birthday Party Animals Nesting Card: Celebrating a loved one’s birthday from a distance? These pop-up cards fit together like nesting dolls, creating a ripple effect with their messages and birthday theme. This nesting pop-up card features four brilliant designs that reveal themselves as you open each card.

  3. Happy Holidays Festive Village Loooooong Card™: It can be difficult to know what to send to your loved one during the holiday season. Traditional presents can be bulky, so opt for a mail-friendly option such as this holiday card. It features a slough of buildings and characters to create a heartwarming village that you can use as a standalone decoration. 

  4. Handcrafted Paper Plant: Monstera & Pot: If your long distance loved one has moved homes, consider gifting them with this Monstera & Pot which makes for the perfect housewarming gift. With its intricate but sturdy design, this paper plant display stays perky and green in any season, making it the ideal choice to brighten any indoor space. 

Cards with Mini Bouquet

Sending the perfect bouquet of flowers at a distance is a difficult task! Instead, consider an item from our Mini Bouquet collection: 

  1. XOXO Card with Mini Bouquet: Good things often come in small packages — like this miniature flower bouquet. Each Mini Bouquet comes tucked inside of a matching card, perfect for celebrating your loved one. 

  2. You Have My Heart Card with Mini Bouquet: If your partner is living long distance, surprise them with this romantic card and mini bouquet for Valentine’s Day. The ‘’you have my heart’’ messaging will make them smile, and they’ll adore the stunning pop-up rose bouquet. 

  3. Happy Birthday Card with Mini Bouquet: Just because you can’t be with your loved one on their birthday, doesn’t mean you can’t share the warmth and joy of a birthday wish with them. This mini paper flower bouquet and unique greeting card can show your special one ust how much you love them on their birthday this year. 

Giant Cards and Gifts

Make a big statement with our giant pop-up cards and gifts. Your loved one will be impressed with one of the following statement pieces: 

  1. Sunflower Grand Bouquet: Surprise your loved one with this bright and vibrant bouquet – whether it’s their birthday or ‘’just because’’. This paper flower bouquet uses vibrant splashes of green, white, and yellow to create a warm, inviting centerpiece. Intricately detailed 3D sunflowers bloom, their petals reaching out to blend with the surrounding white daisies, pale yellow wildflowers, and sunny yellow tulip bulbs.  

  2. Gingerbread House Kit: Celebrating the holiday season away from your loved one this year? Surprise them with this adorable paper pop-up Gingerbread House Kit. They’ll be able to craft the gingerbread house of their dreams without the crumbs, then fold it back flat for continued decoration year after year!


We hope you have enjoyed browsing through some of our long distance gift ideas! Whatever the occasion may be, we’re sure your special one will adore one of these special gifts. Didn’t see a gift that caught your eye in this post? If so, feel free to browse through our collections to explore more gift ideas:  

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