Introducing Lovepop Play: Magic For All Ages

Introducing Lovepop Play: Magic For All Ages

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We're excited to bring you Lovepop Play—a brand new line of paper pop-up toys and cards for kids! Make magical moments and inspire creativity in all ages with our new Playpop Explorers™ and Playpop Cards™. With Lovepop Play, the opportunities for fun are endless!

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Playpop Explorers™️
Meet the Playpop Explorers—cheerful 3D paper pals that pop up and fold flat, making them perfect for gifting, collecting, and on-the-go fun. The inaugural Cheer Squad Collection is made up of 18 Explorers available in pouches of three ($8 per pouch)—collect them all to unlock an exclusive bonus Explorer!

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Playpop Cards™️
Celebrate milestones with magical new pop-up cards designed just for kids! With nine different designs available at launch for $7, each card comes with a fun fact and stencil sheet, instantly transforming it into an interactive activity.

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These one-of-a-kind 3D stickers are unlike anything you've ever seen. You can brighten up a plain wall, add a pop of color to your workspace, and make any gift extra special—the opportunities for fun are endless!

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Digital Experience
Discover even more magic online with our Lovepop Play digital experience—designed to extend the fun of Playpop Cards for ages 6 and up. Scan the QR code printed on each product to explore interactive activities, printable downloads, and more!
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