Holiday gifting and shopping survey data

What we've learned about holiday giving (infographic)

Holiday gifting and shopping habits for 2018

We know the holidays keep us busy, but we want to ask: how are you thinking about your gifting this year?

  • Who is on your naughty and nice lists?
  • How much are you budgeting for each gift?
  • Who has you stumped without a wish list?
  • And just how often are we giving back during the season of giving?

We polled 850 holiday shoppers* about their seasonal spending habits and plans, and the results might surprise you. While friends and family predictably topped "to-gift" lists, charitable causes and helping those without holiday homes were standout priorities this year.

Want to know more? Read on for our handy infographic to learn more about the holiday habits of 2018.

* Conducted through an online panel, at a 95% confidence level, with +/-4% margin of error.

Holiday gifting and shopping habits of 2018

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