Daughter-in-Law giving Mother's Day card to Mother-in-Law

Mother's Day Quotes, Wishes, and Gift Ideas for Mother In Law

Your relationship with your mother-in-law is unique. From raising your favorite person to supporting you and your kids, she is an integral part of your family’s life. This relationship often gets a bad rap, but this holiday is an opportunity to tug at your mother-in-law’s heartstrings in a unique way that makes her feel valued. By planning ahead, you will help her feel special and build goodwill within your relationship. 

Mother-in-Law Mother's Day Messages

Your words impact your relationships. The most common tensions in in-law relationships stem from feeling under-appreciated. The right words send a reminder that you care deeply for your mother-in-law, and they help build a relationship that is authentic and cultivates a meaningful connection.

An affirming message reminds your mother-in-law exactly what you value about her. No relationship is perfect, but acknowledging the positive moments can help strengthen your relationship with her. There are many days throughout the year when women wonder if their presence is valued, especially for many women whose children are no longer living at home. Your kind words serve as a reminder of all that you, your spouse, and your children (if you have them!) appreciate about her. 

It can be difficult sometimes to think of just the right words for your mother-in-law. Perhaps your relationship with her is new or has gotten off to a rocky start. There are ways to send respectful and caring messages. Your thoughtful words are stepping stones to a solid relationship. Check out some message examples:

  • Thank you so much for all that you have done for us during this season in our relationship. 
  • We are so grateful for you and your love. Thank you for being you! 
  • I am thankful for the opportunities we have had to grow closer. I’m looking forward to many wonderful years growing in our relationship. 

If you share a deep connection with your mother-in-law your words of recognition will make her feel super special and deepen the bond between you. Here are some messages of adoration: 

  • When I think of all of the things that I am thankful for, you are at the top of the list! 
  • Thank you for your love, support, and friendship. Having you as a Mom-in-Love and friend makes my life better every day. You mean so much to me! 
  • Our friendship and connection mean the world to me! Thank you for always being there. I hope you feel celebrated, appreciated, and adored today… because you are! 

Messages to Mother-in-Law from Son-in-Law

Think of all of the ways that she enriches your family’s life if you aren’t sure what to say! Here are some ideas for messages from a son-in-law:   

  • Thank you for bringing my favorite person into the world and being irreplaceable in our lives! 
  • When it comes to moms, we have the best! Thank you for being an awesome mom, mom-in-law, and grandma. 
  • You deserve to be celebrated every day, but especially today! Thank you for brightening my life.

Messages to Mother-in-Law from Daughter-in-Law 

As a daughter-in-law, it can feel tricky to find the right words to express the appreciation you have for her. These are some to try: 

  • Thank you for accepting me into your family and for your support and love. Our lives are better because of you. 
  • I love being your daughter-in-law and I love you! 
  • You are beautiful, generous, and strong. I feel lucky to call you my mother-in-law. Thank you for being you! 

If you need more inspiration, make sure to check all our Mother's Day message ideas for all moms in your life.

For a personal touch, choose a card that fits her personality, such as this card for a wonderful mother with a beautiful mini-bouquet, an adorable birdhouse pop-up card, a watering can card for moms who love gardening, or a lovely hummingbird card

Mother's Day Tulip Card with Mini Paper Flower Bouquet

 Mother's Day Tulip Card with Mini Paper Flower Bouquet


Mother-in-Law Mother's Day Gift Ideas 

For some women, words of affirmation are the ultimate gift. Most moms appreciate a thoughtful and creative gift. What kind of gift would be most meaningful to your mother-in-law? Some moms love sentimental gifts while others appreciate something practical. Maybe a “gift that keeps giving,” like a monthly subscription or service would be helpful. Some ideas include: 

Subscription and service gifts abound, but if you are looking for one amazing gift rather than a monthly investment, these ideas are also amazing: 

  • Fresh flowers! Lots of moms love receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and these stunning bouquets from ReVased are grown on sustainable farms and are often also donated to nonprofits. Win-win-win for the mother-in-law who loves a gift that gives back! 
  • Speaking of flowers, have you seen these lovely handcrafted paper flowers from Lovepop? These long-lasting flowers are perfect to display for many months. 
  • Give her an experience like a wine-tasting tour, tickets to a musical, or accommodations for a weekend getaway.
  • Get crafty and create a scrapbook or memory board using photos of your family, or try one of these fancy resin crafts!


    Mother’s Day is a time to strengthen your relationship with your mother-in-law and express your appreciation for all that she does for the family throughout the year. Moms share so much love with their families all throughout the year, and we find so much joy in delighting moms with Lovepop cards and bouquets for Mother’s Day!

    We hope you find just the thing and the perfect words to share with your mother-in-law this year. Happy Mother’s Day! 


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