Do's and don'ts for writing a wedding card they'll love

Do's and don'ts for writing a wedding card they'll love


Wedding Card sayings

A good friend or family member’s wedding isn’t all about the gifts. It's about the memories.

Including a heartfelt message can go a long way, so consider adding a more tailored note to the card that accompanies your generous present. Chances are the couple will appreciate what you give them a lot more if you also remind them why you're rooting for them.

Not sure what to say or where to start? We have a few ideas. 

Here are a few do’s and don’ts of writing a wedding card they'll absolutely love.

DO congratulate them, then personalize it

This is a special occasion, and your message should reflect that. On a basic level, adding a little something extra — a secondary phrase — to your congratulations message makes it more sentimental and thoughtful.

Some ideas to enhance your congratulations are:

Congratulations! We wish you a long and happy life together.
What a wonderful and happy occasion! Congratulations.
We are so happy for the both of you, congratulations!
Many congratulations are in order for the extraordinarily thoughtful couple!

DO mention something specific about the couple

Customizing your message on the card makes it more special and personal for the couple reading it. It also shows that you pay attention to their lives and care about them. Perhaps mention that exciting honeymoon destination they’ve been saving for or that special little dive bar they met in. You can reference your relationship with the couple or express your excitement for their ceremony destination.


To the intrepid explorers: We can’t think of anywhere better for the two of you to celebrate wedded bliss than on an African safari!
To our favorite couple: After many years of double dates and wine nights, we couldn’t be happier for you two!
To the hardest workers we know: Tying the knot in sunny Florida then a honeymoon in Bali? You two deserve it. Congratulations!

DO mention the gift you gave them (unless it’s cash)

If you got them a gift off the registry, feel free to mention it in your card! You could explain why you picked that gift in particular or express your excitement that they’ll be able to incorporate it into their newly married life. Paint a picture of a certain scenario in which they’ll use the gift to show you put thought into your choice.


We've 'liked' all your enviable taco-margarita nights on Instagram — so we hope your new pitcher will make an appearance soon! 

We were so excited to buy you these dog-patterned kitchen accessories — and hope Fido loves them, too!

DON’T mention the amount of money you gave them

If you wrote them a check or gave them cash, there is no need to mention the amount in the card. They can see the number on the check or count up the cash themselves. Mentioning it only draws attention to yourself when it should be on the gift. You also shouldn’t demand that they use it on something specific. Giving a couple money gives them free reign to use it however they please, so don’t tell them what they have to use it for!

DON’T use the card to make jokes

There's a time and a place to be funny — wedding cards probably aren't one of them. Writing an embarrassing memory about the couple on the card you’re giving them is disrespectful and not appropriate. Play it safe and stick to a thoughtful, sincere note. No matter how subtle, silly, or sarcastic — save your funny business for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and anniversaries instead.


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