DIY: Make festive name cards for your holiday feasts with Lovepop

DIY: Make festive name cards for your holiday feasts with Lovepop

Lovepop Snowflake pop up card

Get your crafting supplies out and ready! It's time for another festive DIY project to get you in the holiday spirit. If you missed our first Holly Jolly Gingerbread Village DIY, make sure to check out that blog post here.

Pro-craft-ination: Deciding to procrastinate your ever-growing list of holiday to-do's by crafting instead. 

How about we all try to practice productive pro-craft-ination this holiday season? Creating personalized place settings for each of your dinner guests is a great way to distract your mind from the impending holiday stress, while also checking something off of your list!

DIY Place Settings Lovepop Holiday

Our second DIY project was inspired by one of you! This idea was brought to our attention when a Lovepop teammate saw a member of the Lovepop insider's Community using our cards as place settings at their holiday party. We were instantly sold! What a great way to jazz up your dining table while also crafting a personalized keepsake for your guests! This is also the perfect opportunity to use up leftover holiday decorations and craft supplies that somehow end up accumulating around your house this time of year.

DIY Lovepop Place Settings Holiday

Gather your supplies.

We used the following, but feel free to use whatever decorations you have on hand!
- Rhinestones
- Ribbon
- Metallic Stickers
- Glue
- Creativity and Imagination
- Lovepop card, we chose Snowflake and Christmas Tree Gold

 Lovepop DIY Place Settings Holiday

STEP 1: Pick the Lovepop card that you think best represents your guest.

DIY Place Setting Lovepop Holiday
STEP 2: Get creative and start decorating!

DIY Place Setting Lovepop Holiday
STEP 3: Add weight with rhinestones or ribbon to keep your Lovepop laying flat.

DIY Lovepop Place Setting Holiday
STEP 4: Don't forget to add their name so that they know where to sit! (Duh.)

Let your place setting dry (if applicable).

STEP 5: Repeat for each guest who will be joining your dinner table!

Lovepop DIY Place Settings
All that's left to do is to set up your beautiful dining table with all of your stunning new and personalized place settings!

We want to see your festive dinner setup and your beautiful DIY place settings! Share a picture with us using our hashtag #lovepopmoment! 

Video Production by Pooja Harinath

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