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5 real estate agents explain why Lovepop makes the perfect closing gift

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Real estate professionals make magic every day by helping their clients find the perfect home. We know big life steps are worth celebrating, and Lovepop loves being a part of making this moment memorable.

We chatted with five awesome real estate agents and mortgage brokers who have gifted Lovepop to find out how they made their clients' experiences even more special.

1. Clients literally hug you after you give them a Lovepop.

"I gave the House For Sale card to my client at their home closing. She opened it in front of me and was absolutely amazed. She gave me a huge hug and everyone else in the room loved the card too. Lovepop is really special and makes you stand out amongst other realtors."
Kim Mroczenski, Real Estate Agent at Baird and Warner

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3. Lovepops are perfect for promotional videos.

"Lovepop gives an extra visual pop for promotional videos. [For my social media], I'll take a video while opening up the Ducklings card and write a promotional message like: 'If you need help getting your ducks in a row when purchasing real estate, call The Drake Group for Real Estate.'"
Drake Cruz, Real Estate Agent at Keller Williams

4. You can make limitless puns with Lovepops...we just can't promise that they'll all be good puns!

"When I get a referral from a real estate agent, I love to send a Lovepop as a thank you. One of my favorites is the Coffee Cup card and I'll write something like: 'Thanks a latte.' I actually just visited one of the realtors we work with (one of the top in the area), and she has the Lovepops we gave her displayed all over her desk. Lovepop sets us apart from other brokers. People just go crazy about them; they really make a statement."
Danielle Kennedy, Broker at The Mortgage Source

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5. Clients will remember you forever.

"I sent out the House for Sale card to a client and wrote: 'Hopefully this sign will be on your lawn very soon.' I taped their address on the sign so it would be custom to them. The other day I went to a client's house and she had the house card displayed on her mantle. Clients and prospects really love these cards."
Robin Madron, Real Estate Agent at Long & Foster

By Jennifer Spadaro


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I received my sample in the mail and I love the concept. I am a Senior Move Specialist and wonder if it is possible to have my business name on the signage and it can be an enlarged version for use at trade shows and offices where my business displays are. 12” x 12”

Christina Cieslik

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