3 ways to show clients you care with Lovepop

3 ways to show clients you care with Lovepop

Building strong client relationships is critical to growing any business.

At Lovepop, we believe in the power of connection. This transfers to the professional world, where strong connections and relationships can grow your business through referrals and ensure that your clients come back next year.

Your interpersonal connections with clients are so important that a recent study found that 68% of clients are lost because of a perceived indifference about their business.

While a round of golf or an expensive dinner are nice ways to build rapport if you can do it, client relationship building doesn’t have to be expensive to be memorable and meaningful.

Something as simple as a handwritten note can be even more impactful than an extravagant gesture. See how businesses are using Lovepop’s unique pop-up cards to show their clients they care.

Welcoming new clients

The way you welcome a client to your company or firm sets the tone for the rest of your relationship. Here is how Tia Maria, an Airbnb host, welcomes her guests with Lovepop.

 "My guests fill out a little survey with me so I know what their interests are and why they’re in town, so I buy a card based off of that to make it personal to each individual guest.

For example, if they’re on a Fourth of July retreat, I’ll buy them a Fourth of July card. I use Lovepop because it helps me get better reviews and it really puts a smile on their faces. 

When I was just using note cards with handwritten messages, I would find them in the trash or on the table after the guest leaves. With Lovepop every single person takes them home with them! (Even the guys!)"


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Thanking clients for their business

Ensuring clients remember how you helped them accomplish their goals is critical to capturing repeat business. See how Steph from Cruise Planners uses Lovepop for their memorability and lasting power.

"Before one of my clients goes on a trip, I will send them a Lovepop based on where they’re going.
If they’re going to Europe I’ll give them an airplane, if they go to the Bahamas or on a cruise I’ll give them the Hammock card, Beach Day, or Surf Dog. Most people will take a picture of the Lovepop and my business card and post it on Facebook — which is great for me!
I got an email last night from a couple taking their son on a cruise. It was his first big vacation so I sent them a Lovepop. The mom said, “Oh my gosh thank you so much! I’m so happy I found you. My son loved the card!”

Going the extra mile

Nothing shows you appreciate your client more than going the extra mile to ensure that they are receiving the best product possible. See how Sam was able to accomplish this by pairing a Lovepop with his product EMBR Wave.


"A lot of our customers are mothers, so we thought it would be great to do a Mother’s Day promotional campaign, “Embr Wave with a Lovepop.”

We gave the Cherry Blossom card to all our clients who purchased for Mother’s Day so that they could give the Lovepop with the Embr Wave as a present to their moms."

How will you use Lovepop to make a memory with one of your special clients? Share your magical #lovepopmoment with us here or on social. 

By Jennifer Spadaro 

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