Brighten Their Day with Lovepop and The American Heart Association

Brighten Their Day with Lovepop and The American Heart Association

At Lovepop, we believe that love is the foundation for a brighter world, and it grows when it is shared. Every day, we pour our hearts into developing creative, meaningful, and fun ways for you to share love with the people around you.

It's fitting that the symbol for love is a heart, given the heart health benefits of sharing love. The feeling of love tends to decrease our stress response, which can in turn lower blood pressure and heart rate. Love also works wonders for our mental health, contributing to both short-term and long term happiness and overall emotional well-being.

Lovepop is proud to support the American Heart Association's Life is Why™ campaign. As a simple yet powerful answer to the question of why we should all be healthy in heart and mind, Life is Why™ is a celebration of life. For every Brighten Their Day 5-Pack sold from February 2021 through February 2022, Lovepop will donate 10% ($5) to the American Heart Association. Life is Why We Give.

The Brighten Their Day 5-Pack contains the following cards:
Whether you're celebrating a holiday, an important milestone, or an everyday moment, we hope you are inspired to share love with our magical designs.
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