Behind the scenes of our awesome new U.S. Aircraft Carrier card

Behind the scenes of our awesome new U.S. Aircraft Carrier card


Today, we are taking the time to salute one of our newest card designs: The U.S. Aircraft Carrier. This design was inspired by the Nimitz aircraft carrier model. With a fleet of 10 ships, it’s the most recognizable U.S. aircraft carrier currently in operation! To create this awesome new card, team Lovepop had the opportunity to collaborate with a former Navy aircraft carrier commander and pilot who works on the production of the newest U.S. aircraft carriers. 

This Lovepop card was a collaboration of designers Hugo Lemes, Monika Hedman, and Jason Brain. Hugo revealed that he loved working on this particular design because of the "history, research, and consultation with an aircraft carrier expert — even the planes represent what normally would be found in a U.S. aircraft carrier." (How cool is that?)

Monika was able was excited to contribute to the design because this card held a special meaning to her and her family. Jason, as well, grew up near Bremerton, Washington and the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard/Intermediate Maintenance Facility. He once took a tour of a Nimitz-class carrier, which enhanced this experience for him: “Having an inside perspective of the ship's design helped work out this pop-up card’s engineering.”

Whether you’re a history buff like Hugo, can relate to this card’s special meaning like Monika, or are fascinated by the ship’s design like Jason, we believe this card holds a place in everyone’s heart.

U.S. Aircraft Carrier Lovepop pop up card

In honor of National U.S. Aircraft Carrier Month, Lovepop will donate $1 from every U.S. Aircraft Carrier card sold to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, now through November 30. This non-profit supports active duty and retired Sea Service members and their families.

For more information about National U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Month and to find out how you can get involved, visit

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try lovepops at walgreens, they will outsell anything else in the card aisle like they did at ace hardware.

carol wenc

Will you be doing designs of all branches of the Military, like the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor? I have 2 who served in the US Marine Corps

Laura Leeds

Hi: How about a card for World Peace Day, Sept. 21, 2019?

Give this card, free of charge to every member of the UN and the U.S. State Dept. and Washington D.C. Consulates, and encourage them to send it ahead of time to someone who can effect change.

Also, how about an Endangered Species card (offer it to National Geographic, Zoos, Conservation groups, etc.)



Colleen Bradey

Dear LovePop Marketing Guru:

You asked me as a loyal customer where else you should position your products. I told you and YOU LISTENED and ACTED. I walked into my favorite Ace Hardware store and there was a LovePop stand, in a prominent place. And, I asked at the store, they said your cards are selling like hotcakes! Good for You for listening to your loyal advocates and following through.

Best regards,

Colleen Bradley

Colleen Bradley

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