A message from our founders in support of the Black Lives Matter movement

A message from our founders in support of the Black Lives Matter movement

The deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless others are heartbreaking and indefensible. The accosting of Chris Cooper is shocking and illustrative of what communities of color face across our nation. Lovepop is a company rooted in love and inclusiveness, and we believe equality is a human right. The most recent incidents of inequality and injustice remind us again of the racism that exists in America. Black lives matter. Racism is real. It is wrong. And we must all acknowledge it and work together to create a future that does not include it.

At Lovepop, we stand against all forms of racism, violence, and hate. We hope and believe that we, as a society, can find a meaningful, positive, and peaceful path to solve these structural issues that our country needs to address. We acknowledge that there is much work to be done and that words without action won't drive change. So, we are making a commitment to ourselves, our customers, and our community to learn more, to speak up, and to be part of the solution.

We are committed to educating ourselves and focusing our efforts and resources on constructive solutions to implement critical change. Given the need now, we are donating $10,000 to the  NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and we will be matching donations from our employees to organizations that support equality and racial justice. At the same time, our leadership team is meeting daily to develop our short, medium, and long-term plans to identify and execute the actions that best use our platform to create meaningful change.
We are committed to building a diverse, inclusive, and informed team and community that lead by example to make a more equitable world. Our employees are eager to contribute to the fight against systemic racism, and we are working to provide them with the resources, information, and support that they need.

We are committed to our mission to create magical moments through joy and connection, which the world needs now more than ever. We will bring people together while acknowledging the pain our world is experiencing and proceed with compassion and care. We will continue to use our platform and our products to spread messages of love and inclusiveness.

To everyone affected by racism and inequality, we see you, we hear you, and we stand with you.

Wombi & John
Lovepop Co-Founders
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Thank you for caring. These are very painful times for some of us. I have been buying your cards for years. It’s nice to know that a company I support has a social conscience and is open about it.

Judith Griffin

Wow! I sooo loved your message re: this RACISM issue! GOD bless you, Lovepop Cards!
I’m an art lover myself, so I definitely love your products & your company!
I’ve ordered some items from you, and as always…u never disappoint!
The last one I got is the THINKING OF YOU BOUQUET, and I am sooo DELIGHTED!!

More power & success to you, Guys!! 👍❤😊



Your message about the unrest in our country is spot on! Racism should have NO PLACE in America but unfortunately it still exists. Hopefully all of us will work toward a common goal of unity, equality, and genuine caring of one another! Wouldn’t that be a good thing!!
The Lovepop cards are so cooool!!! I don’t know how you make them but, boy, when I send one out I get an almost immediate call: “where did you get this fabulous card?” I love sending them and people love receiving them. Thanks so much for a new look at greeting cards!
Kayann Donaldson on June 20, 2020

Kayann Donaldson

I make my cards but have found ways to incorporate your stickerpops which adds another unique dimension. I also collect them to display – NYC, sports, and Valentines. I look forward to seeing cards in your “vault.” Great idea!!

Lynn White

❤️Thank you

Shelby Dawkins

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