Pink Wedding Champagne Bottle Pop-Up Card

30+ Wedding Card Messages for All Lovebirds in Your Life

Pink Wedding Champagne Bottle Pop-Up Card

Spring is here, and warmer weather means wedding season is coming up! If you're one of the lucky people with an invitation to a grand summer wedding, get a head start on buying the perfect wedding gift, but don't forget about the card. A wedding card may seem like a tiny detail, but it can mean a lot to the newlyweds.

A simple "Congratulations!" will do, but if you want to make your wedding wishes a little more personal, here are some suggestions for meaningful wedding card messages.

Wedding Wishes for Best Friend

  1. Remember the days when we would just laze around and stuff our faces with cake and ice cream and complain about how we'll never get married? Well, look at you now! I hope we can still laze around and stuff our faces with cake and ice cream.
  2. You promised you would be my single, lonely, loveless partner in crime forever! I'm kidding. You deserve this and you have amazing years ahead of you.
  3. Your new husband/wife knows that we are package deal right? Don't forget that I am still here for you. Best wishes to you guys!

Wedding Wishes for Son or Daughter

  1. It feels like you were just learning to walk yesterday! Now you're walking down the aisle to your next milestone in life.
  2. I know that we are handing you off to the right person and I hope he/she supports and loves you like we will always.
  3. We are so happy for you! We hope you have a wonderful and lasting marriage and maybe we'll see little grand-babies soon?

Wedding Wishes for Brother or Sister

  1. Wow, someone actually wants to be with you for the rest of their life? I'm messing with you. The new bride/groom should expect to hear all of your embarrassing stories soon.
  2. We're growing up so fast and here you are getting married. You're still my brother/sister and remember that family will always be there for you.
  3. I'm so excited to have someone join us in our shenanigans! Cheers to you two!

Wedding Wishes for the New in-Law 

  1. Welcome to the family! We're so happy to have you join us for all of our quirky family traditions.
  2. We're so excited to have you as a new member of the family, even though it has felt like that for some time already.
  3. We are so happy to include you in the family! We wish you guys the best.

Wedding Wishes for Co-Worker

  1. Congratulations on the promotion to Husband/Wife! I know you'll be great at it.
  2. I hope your new husband/wife inspires you personally and professionally!
  3. Best wishes on a successful and happy marriage!


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The perfect wedding card message varies from one occasion to the next. For example, four of the most common wedding wishes are formal, funny, religious, and family. These examples will give you ideas for writing different types of wedding wishes: 

Formal Wedding Wishes 

When you attend the wedding of a colleague or new friend, your message will be classic, formal, and romantic. 

  1. Thank you both for letting me share this beautiful day's joy with you. I hope that your life together is filled with love! 
  2. Cheers! Your life together is beginning, and I wish you tons of happiness. 

Funny Wedding Wishes 

A wedding is a memorable occasion, but it doesn’t always have to be super-serious! Your amusing wedding wishes will entertain couples who love a laugh. 

  1. Thanks for inviting me to eat & drink while you guys got married! I wish you all the best. 
  2. You finally found someone as weird as you are. Hang on to each other forever because that's something special. Congrats! 

Religious Wedding Wishes 

If you hope for God's blessings on their union, you may share a religious message or verse. These messages are appropriate when the couple's beliefs are similar to yours.  

  1. May God bless your union, and may you both feel supported by him in your life and love. Congratulations! 
  2. I know your marriage will be strong because of your faith. I pray that God will direct your path, life together, and love. Blessings for a beautiful life together! 

Family Wedding Wishes 

If you are celebrating the wedding of a close family member or welcoming a new family member, compose a more personal message that expresses their importance to you. 

  1. Congratulations on your marriage, you two! And welcome to the family, (name). We couldn’t be happier! 
  2. We're so happy that (name) has found an incredible partner. You both deserve all the best. Congratulations!

How Do You Greet Someone on Their Wedding Day?

You don't want to hog the bride & groom’s time at the wedding. However, you also want to avoid an awkward moment when you finally greet them. 

These meaningful wedding wishes will express your support while leaving a great impression: 

  1. I knew the love you two had was special. 
  2. We/I love you! It's nice to see you both so happy. 
  3. Congratulations! Your wedding is beautiful. We are so excited for you!
  4. Cheers to starting your new life together!
  5. I hope your life together is as beautiful & memorable as today. 
  6. Choose love every day, and you will have a life overflowing with love & happiness. 
  7. Above all else, remember your friendship. It will sustain you through life's difficulties. 
  8. You are seriously a perfect match, and I'm so happy you found each other. I hope you have a fantastic honeymoon! 
  9. We wish you both a lifetime filled with joy & love. 
  10. May your love & friendship grow stronger each year.


Whatever the recipient and message tone, a unique pop-up card as the vehicle for your wishes will definitely create a long-lasting impression on the newlyweds. Don't forget to check out our Wedding Card collection to find the perfect card to congratulate your lovebirds!


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I Love this Pop Up My Fiancee Is Going to Love Them Do You Have A Catalog

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