Lovepop Stories

Lovepop Stories

We are always inspired by the amazing things you've done with your lovepop slicegami treasures.  You've fully embraced the spirit of what lovepop is about. There's nothing the lovepop team enjoys more than hearing from you, and we are thankful that you trust us for your life's meaningful moments.
Lovers in a Dogwood Tree
We happily read every email, review, comment, or message you send. Below are some of our recent favorites:
I am a caregiver (direct care worker) for seniors in Pittsburgh PA.  I was able to give the teapot card to the wife of an ALS Client.  Too frequently the loved one who is on duty 24/7 gets forgotten in the whole scheme of things. I now have a unique way to bring love and fun to my seniors and their family and friends who give so much of themselves with seldom an acknowledgment. 

My parents live on Willow Lane, so I bought the "Willow Love Scene" card to give to them on their 50th anniversary. They said it's the most thoughtful and amazing card they've ever received during their 50 years together. I'm a lifetime customer from here on out.

Love love love it. I am a pancreatic cancer survivor and although I live in nyc I had my lifesaving surgery in Cleveland. This is year 4 in February and I send my surgeon an anniversary card each year to thank him. Yours will be perfect! Can't wait to send it to him!!! Thanks and I'm glad I watched shark tank that night!!
Willow Love Scene
Thank you for making me a hero. I purchased the twelve days of Christmas pack and kept it a secret from my wife of 34 years.
We send out gift cards to all of our family on Christmas and I thought these would be a nice addition. When these came today and I showed them to my wife she said I hit one out of the park. After 34 years it is still nice to put a smile on her face. Merry Christmas and thank you all so much.

I LOVE my willow tree. Before sending it to the friend I had purchased it for (actually, I'd like to keep it...) I brought it to a restaurant to show someone I was lunching with. When I opened it I heard a voice say "I'll be damned, it's a willow tree!" and two big guys (bikers? construction workers? just plain old big guys?) actually came across the room to look at it.

Then other people started coming over and pretty soon there were about 5 or 6 people standing at our table to see this amazing card. Of course I gave them your web address (more or less correct, but close enough to get them there). I'll certainly be ordering more; people will soon know where they stand in my life by whether or not they receive a Lovepop. (Most of them won't.) I might even purchase one just to have with me when I feel the need for attention. You guys are GREAT!
Heart Bench Pop Up Card
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so I’m a geek… could you make a doctor who card?? please. thank you :)

Annie s.

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