Baby announcements

Baby announcements

Baby Announcements are a wonderful way to spread the joy of a newborn baby with friends and family. Parents often use baby announcements to share their new arrival with people who do not live nearby or who are not yet able to travel to pay a visit. They are a wonderful way to celebrate a new life.

Choosing a baby announcement is simple. Most people use a standard baby announcement that shows a photo of the newborn and includes important details about the child including his or her name and birth size details. These simple announcements are an excellent option when there are a lot of people waiting to see the new baby.

There are times when more detail and context is important. Parents who have overcome fertility challenges or have successfully weathered the lengthy adoption process often want to share specific details about their unique parenthood journeys. Sharing birth stories is growing in popularity and baby announcements are a perfect place to include pertinent details about a baby's journey earthside. If there are people in your life you'd like to share more details with, consider a unique baby announcement.

baby announcement pop up card

A blank baby announcement leaves room for a handwritten message that makes the reader feel as if he or she were present for this momentous event. Sharing the background details of your newfound parenthood is a wonderful way to help long distance family members feel connected to you and your new child during this life milestone. If the thought of handwriting a bunch of notes while juggling a newborn baby seems daunting, consider send-a-surprise. The sentiment is the same, but someone else does some of the legwork for you.

Of course, you must include a photo. Everyone wants to see a lovely brand new baby. Consider placing the photograph inside the announcement but not affixing it to the card itself so that the recipient can choose where he or she wants to display the latest addition to the family. By sending a baby announcement that includes intimate details about this beautiful life stage you are introducing your child to your friends and family in an intimate and thoughtful way.

baby announcement pop up card

Do you have any baby announcement tips? Have you ever sent one?
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