Sail into history with LovePop's Young America card...

Upon first glance, LovePop's Young America Clipper Ship card opens in similar fashion to many of our cards: with an unexpected pop of surprise and delight. However, the Young America is not just another one of our amazing cards, it is a symbol of our roots in Naval architecture, a reminder of where we come from, and a celebration of one of the greatest ship builders in history.


Our Young America Clipper Ship card sits proudly overlooking the Long Island Sound where Webb Institute is located.[/caption] Designed by Naval architect William H. Webb, the Young America was built in 1853 and was the prize possession of the Webb shipyard. She sat at an impressive 243 feet long and set multiple records for swift voyages across the globe. After a successful 30 year trading career, Young America was sold to Austria and in 1886 she was last seen leaving the port of Philadelphia but was never heard from again. [caption id="attachment_8845" align="aligncenter" width="612"]youngamericawebb2 Admiring the detail of the Young America.[/caption] Fortunately, William Webb founded a ship building legacy that continues until this day. After his impressive professional career at the Webb & Allen Shipyard in Manhattan, Mr. Webb dove head first into business and philanthropic ventures throughout New York City. In addition to combating political corruption and securing a safe a reliable water system for the city, he also founded one of the most unique schools in the entire country: Webb Institute. Now located in Glen Cove, NY, Webb Institute is a top-ranked undergraduate institution offering all students a double major in Naval architecture and marine engineering. It is the only full-tuition scholarship private program of its kind in the country. As fate would have it, LovePop founders Wombi Rose and John Wise met as freshman at Webb Institute and became fast friends. After 4 arduous yet amazing years and degrees in ship-building in their pockets, John and Wombi decided to continue their education at Harvard Business School which in turn lead them to create LovePop. While brainstorming cards for the design pipeline, John and Wombi decided that this would be the perfect chance to showcase their love of naval architecture and Webb Institute. The Young America celebrates both when the majestic clipper ship pops to life before your eyes. A treat for history buffs, sailors, or even a "landlubber", this card lets you sail back in time to the golden age of ships. The Young America is truly a card close to our hearts.webbstudents

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