Give the Gift of Hope This Holiday

Thank you so much to our LovePop customers. You sent over 30 cards to Little Addie!

 Meet Addie. She loves laughter, listening to stories, and Dora the Explorer. A native of Fountain Green, Utah, Addie is a true beauty inside and out! Unfortunately, Addie is very sick. Suffering from a still-unknown condition that has caused her brain to atrophy, Addie and her family struggle every day to find a solution for this crippling illness.


At around 3 years old, Addie's motor skills and physical development began to decelerate. She could no longer hold a spoon or a crayon without assistance. Now, at age 6, this beautiful little girl weighs no more than a frail 25 pounds and is in a constant state of exhaustion. The deterioration of her brain in conjunction with her mysterious sickness has lead to a heart breaking prognosis. Doctors informed Addie's mother, Tami Fausett, that Addie has roughly one year to live.


Image: Tami Fausett Image: Tami Fausett[/caption] Knowing there is a strong possibility that this will be Addie's last Christmas, the Fausetts wanted to make this year's wishes come true. Her biggest wish? Christmas cards!  Teaming up with the organization Children and the Earth, the family has seen a deluge of greeting cards filled with love, kindness, and support from people around the world. Addie and her loved ones, including two older sisters Shayley and Audree, take great joy in opening and reading these tangible tokens of positivity. They remind her that hope is a shining light during the tough days.


Here at LovePop, we are in true awe of Addie's big heart and even bigger smile. She has reminded us that this holiday season is not about giving presents, it is about knowing that life itself is the true gift. We are determined to make Addie's last Christmas the biggest and best it can be, and so can you. For $3, choose any one of our Holiday Cards and we will send it directly to Addie. Here's how it works:

  • Fill out the form below, including a personal message for Addie and which card you want to send her
  • When you hit "submit," you will be directed to PayPal to give $3, but you can also use your credit card through PayPal. Don't worry about a shipping address, we will send the card directly to Addie.
  • $2 from each card purchase will defray the cost of postage and handling for each LovePop card
  • $0 from each card purchase goes to the beautiful LovePop card (we are donating them)
  • $1 from each card purchase will be sent directly to Addie's family through the Children and the Earth organization

This form is now closed.  Thanks again to all of our customers who sent a card to Addie this Christmas. Not only will Addie be delighted to open an amazing LovePop card, but by sharing this gift of hope, Addie, her sisters, and her whole family will be strengthened in the knowledge that the human spirit is strong and resilient and that people all around the country and the world care about them. Let's show Addie and her family that we love them. Giving a gift like this is more than just sending a card; you are giving the gift of hope to someone who needs it the most. We encourage you to share this post with your friends and family so we can spread the word around the world and show Addie and her family as much support as possible. [share title=""]   If you want to support Addie's family financially, but not by sending a card, please mail a check written to Children and the Earth (in memo put Addie) to 252 W. Cottage Ave. Sandy, UTAH 84070 or use this link to donate to her cause through Children of the Earth. Every dollar donated will go directly to Addie's family.


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