How to Honor Veterans Today and Every Day

November 11th is known as the official holiday to honor and commemorate US military veterans who have served and protected our homeland. While it may seem solemn, Veterans Day is also a day to celebrate and praise those men and women that have provided us with the freedom that makes this country so amazing and unique. However, Americans do not just celebrate freedom one day out of the year. We enjoy this blessing each and every day; therefore, we should also be honoring veterans who provided this gift throughout the year. How you ask? Writing letters! [9-30-14]VANITYVA(S3)-BEAUTY[006] Often with limited access to phones or internet, cards and letters are a tangible source of love, support, and communication for our military and vets. Websites such as and are a great way to find out how to write and send cards to our beloved veterans as well as active troops. The most important thing to remember? Don't stop writing! Sending cards to family and friends of military members is a also great way to show support and positivity throughout the year. [9-30-14]VANITYVA(S3)-BEAUTY[017] Need a card? Check out LovePop's Discovery, Thank You and Just Because collections to find perfect cards that will surprise and delight veterans for years to come. Also, for a firsthand account of the importance of letters to an active member of the US Navy and his wife, check out

Thank You Veterans!



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