30 Creative and Welcoming Newborn Baby Wishes

30 Creative and Welcoming Newborn Baby Wishes

yellow stork new baby pop up card

It's a.... BABY! Welcoming a new little bundle of joy into the world is an exciting occasion and definitely a moment in life worth celebrating. It can be challenging to put your warm wishes into just the right words on a new baby or baby shower card, so here is our list of 30 creative and welcoming new baby wishes to ensure the new addition and their parents feel all of the love during this special time.

Warm New Baby Wishes

  • A brand new miracle to call your own! Welcome home to your new little bundle of joy.
  • You deserve every bit of happiness this baby will bring to your lives.
  • Best wishes to your loving family during this exciting time.
  • May love and good company surround your new little blessing.
  • We hope you know that we will love this baby just as much as we love you (maybe even a little more)!
  • Wishing you endless joy and happiness with the safe arrival of your newest family member!
  • I'm so excited for you to experience parenthood -- it's truly a blessing.
  • I was overjoyed to hear the good news! I know you're going to be the best parents ever.
  • Wishing you all of the love and support as your family continues to grow.
  • With new life comes new responsibilities and opportunities to grow -- we're so excited for you.
  • It's two against one! Congratulations on your new little boy/girl - we can't wait to meet him/her.
  • Your new little one has the coolest parents in town! Don't worry, we'll never let him/her forget it.
  • Seeing you become a mother has been truly inspiring. This child is so fortunate to have you to love them.
  • Can't wait to spoil your kid rotten! Congratulations, mom & dad!
  • Get ready because your life is about to change for the better (except for the lack of sleep.) Trust us though, it's all worth it.
  • Enjoy every moment with your beautiful baby because they grow up fast. You'll think back to this very moment one day and smile, only remembering the good times.


    koala family pop up card

    A Pun in the Oven

    • We heard a precious delivery is headed your way! Congrats!
    • Congrats! You've got all of the koala-fications to be awesome parents.
    • We're bear-y excited to meet your new little bundle of joy!
    • We're so hoppy for you as your family continues to grow!
    • You're having a baby! That's elephan-tastic!
    • We heard you have a bun in the oven and we couldn't be happier for you!
    • Cheers to your new little blessing!
    • We're so excited to meet your new little chick.
    • I can't wait to see your love for this new little baby continue to bloom.


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