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1st Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

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A one-year anniversary presents couples with the perfect opportunity to reflect on and celebrate their relationship thus far. Whether you would like to celebrate via the traditional route or go for something a little less conventional, we have plenty of awesome gift ideas that are guaranteed to inspire you! Let’s explore some gift ideas for your significant other below, as well as look at the importance of their meaning: 

What Is the Importance of a First Year Anniversary Gift?

Nothing is quite as momentous as a first year anniversary. Whether you are celebrating one year of love in a relationship or in a marriage, this milestone is symbolic in nature. Celebrating a one year anniversary with a symbolic gift is not a new phenomenon. In fact, according to a Victorian-era tradition, anniversary gifts during the earlier years of marriage were inexpensive and fragile. This tradition sees each year represented by a different material, with year one being paper. Why is a paper gift such a strong and long lasting tradition? Paper is both fragile and withstanding, just like the early years of marriage. Take care of the paper, and it will maintain a story for a lifetime. 

One-Year Anniversary Gift For Him/Husband/Boyfriend

Struggling to find the right one year anniversary gift for the special man in your life? Adorn him with one of the gifts from the list below to make him feel like the luckiest man in the world!

  1. A Customized Art Piece: There’s nothing quite as sentimental and thoughtful than a customized art piece. Have a one-of-a-kind piece of art created on his behalf. This art piece could commemorate a special milestone in your relationship, such as your first date or wedding day.   

  2. His Favorite Activity: If the special man in your life is the active type, treat him to something fun for his special day! Whether it’s kayaking, abseiling, or hiking, a fun-filled adventurous day is sure to leave a beautiful memory for you both. 

  3. A Memory Book: Take a trip down memory lane with a personalized memory book. On the first anniversary, it’s a nice time to celebrate and remember the wedding itself or even your blossoming relationship.

  4. A Weekend Away: A romantic weekend away is the perfect way to celebrate your anniversary and treat the man in your life. Whether you want to stay local or go somewhere that bit more exotic, there’s plenty of options to choose from. 

  5. A Luxurious Spa Day: Men like to be pampered too! So what better way to treat your man than with a lovely and relaxing spa day. To make it extra memorable, book in for a couple’s massage and enjoy the chill time together. 

  6. A Statement Watch: If your man is a watch lover, surprise him with a beautiful watch that he will cherish forever. To make the gift even more sentimental, consider engraving both of your names on its downfacing side, along with the date of your wedding/first date together. 

  7. A Leather Wallet: Practical yet thoughtful, a good quality wallet is the perfect 1 year anniversary staple. You can make this gift extra special by customizing the wallet at a leather goods store or online. 

  8. A Framed Collage: Collages always make for popular presents - and for good reason. They are the perfect way to visually represent the fun memories and milestones in your relationship, and guaranteed to make the man in your life feel extra special. 

  9. First Year Notebook: If the special man in your life has a penchant for a good notebook, gift with a first year notebook so he can journal to his heart’s content. 

  10. A Pop-Up Card: In keeping with long-standing traditions, give him a paper-based present to symbolize the first year of marriage, or your relationship together. A pop-up card is a fun alternative to a regular anniversary card. If you’re looking for inspiration, browse these cute and fun ideas:

  • For the ‘’goofball’’ boyfriend/husband: If your man loves a good pun and a giggle, surprise him with this Turtley in Love Pop-Up Card as a marker of your playful affection.
  • For the cartoon fan: Are there any Disney and Pixar fans who don't love the movie ‘’Up’’? We don’t think so! Surprise your special man with this Disney and Pixar Up My Greatest Adventure Pop-Up Card. Carl and Ellie sit in their armchairs holding hands on the front cover of this pop-up design. “You are my favorite adventure” is written below them, surrounded by hearts and colorful balloons - how romantic!
  • For the dog-lover: What dog lover wouldn’t want to be greeted with an adorable pair of 3D pups?! Tell him ‘’I wuff you’’ with this cute Love Dogs Pop-Up Card.

One-Year Anniversary Gift For Her/Wife/Girlfriend

Surprise and delight the special woman in your life with an extra special one-year anniversary gift. Browse our curated list below to find that sparkle of inspiration:

  1. A Book Collection: Is the special woman in your life an avid reader? If so, we bet she would appreciate a beautiful book collection. Think of her favorite types of books, and research online to see if you can get your hands on a book series. Even better yet, pick out some cute bookmarks and reading apparel to make the present extra special. 

  2. Luxurious Skincare: Is the special woman in your life a beauty buff? If so, an excellent gift for her may be some skincare gems. Look out for face masks, serums, moisturizers, and body lotions that will pamper her and make her feel like the beautiful woman she is. 

  3. A Romantic Dinner: Sometimes, the best anniversary gift is planning a date night to make your significant other feel special. Book a candlelit dinner at a restaurant that you know she will love. For example, if she’s been wanting to try out a new cuisine, find a restaurant that caters to this and book in advance.

  4. A New Pajama Set: Everyone loves a new pair of pajamas. If the special woman in your life loves a little taste of luxury, treat her to a new silk pajamas set for her to lounge around the house in. 

  5. A Cute Purse: Is your other half a purse lover? If so, consider investing in a good-quality leather tote or weekend travel bag to carry her things. Or, budget allowing, treat her to that designer bag she’s had her eye on forever. 

  6. Cook Her Favorite Meal: A gift doesn’t always have to be a physical item. Sometimes, the best gifts come from memories and experiences. Recreate her favorite meal and set the atmosphere right with some nice flowers or candles. Treat your special lady to a decadent dessert too - she deserves it!  

  7. Jewelry: A beautiful piece of jewelry can be the perfect gift to mark the occasion of a one-year anniversary. From earrings, to bracelets, to necklaces, add a new piece to her jewelry box, so she has something special that reminds her of you. 

  8. Home Decor: If your other half has an eye for interior design, you could surprise her with some home decor pieces that will brighten your home. Look for pretty items such as mirrors, coffee tables, and kitchen apparel that will give new life to your home. Better yet, aim to find customizable pieces so you can add some sentimentality to the new decor.

  9. A Photo Album: What better way to mark your one-year anniversary than with a beautiful photo album, full to the brim with photo memories? Your loved one will revel in delight at looking through your captured moments of bliss. 

  10. A Paper Bouquet: A bouquet of flowers is always a beautiful gift, but they can wilt way too fast. For a lasting bouquet, opt for a pretty paper option. Looking for inspiration? Here are a few cute ideas to consider: 

  • Wildflower Bouquet: This arrangement, including intricate chrysanthemums, warm poppies, and sweet daisies, is guaranteed to charm and delight your loved one on your special anniversary day. 
  • Handcrafted Paper Roses with Butterfly Pop-Up Card: With every petal made by hand from premium paper, each arrangement is unique—just like real roses, but these will last a lifetime. It also includes an intricate, and one-of-a-kind monarch butterfly pop-up card - the perfect gift to light up her special day. 

One-Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts According to Your Significant Other’s Personality

If you want to go down a slightly less conventional route, try picking a one-year anniversary gift based on your significant other’s personality. Yup, you read that correctly! There’s plenty of exciting options to choose from that will represent your other half’s personality. With that in mind, let’s run through some fun ideas:
    1. Paper gifts: Does your other half have a penchant for a beautiful bouquet of flowers? If so, treat them to a bouquet that stands the test of time! For example, our Paper Flower Bouquets are a fabulous addition to any table, providing an artistic centerpiece to any household. 
    2. Fun gifts: Is your significant other a fun-loving kind of person? If so, celebrate their fun streak with a gift to match! Think date night cards, a cocktail-making kit, a karaoke machine, or any other gifts that will guarantee some fun. 
    3. Adventurous gifts: If your other half loves adventures, go off the beaten track with your gift! There are plenty of options to select, from experiential gift vouchers to adventure-supporting apparel. Looking for an adventure-themed card to go with your gift? This Mountains Pop-Up Card is an epic ode to the great outdoors. 
    4. Meaningful gifts: Is your loved one the sentimental type? If so, we’re sure they’ll revel in delight with a meaningful gift. This could be something extra special such as a framed hand-written poem or love note, or a sentimental art piece. 
    5. Romantic gifts: Is your significant other a hopeless romantic? Show that you’re hopelessly devoted to them with a loving gift! Or, if you want to treat your partner to something super ‘’rose-mantic’’, surprise them with a bunch of handmade paper roses, available in the following colors and styles.

Unique 1-Year Anniversary Gifts for That First Major Milestone

Whether you and your loved one are celebrating a one-year wedding anniversary or one-year of togetherness; it’s a milestone. Mark this major milestone with a unique gift that will leave a warm and long-lasting memory. Here are some unique anniversary gift ideas that you can find inspiration from:


We hope you have enjoyed reading about the best ways to celebrate your one-year anniversary with special gifts, moments, and experiences. Whatever way you choose to celebrate this memorable milestone, we’re sure your loved one will appreciate the effort and care that you’ve put into the special day. 

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