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Mini Sunflower & Daisy Basket Classic

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Lovepop Drops:  Small-batch releases of cutting-edge art & engineering delivered straight from our workshop.


This paper flower arrangement springs out from a laser-cut brown paper basket, with intricate details to mimic the texture of wicker. A sweet bow sits at the top of the basket's handle, with detailed braiding to create the handles. An array of beautiful flowers makes up the display, including huge yellow sunflowers and smaller white and daisies with yellow middles, creating the perfect springtime scene. Flashes of green peek out between the blooms as leaves and stems accompany each flower in different shades and shapes. An orange monarch butterfly rests in the middle of the blooms.


Use the Mini Sunflower & Daisy Basket to ring in the beauty of spring. Set this bunch of handmade paper flowers up in your home to add a timeless touch of floral beauty to any room, or send it to a friend, a family member, or a co-worker to celebrate a special occasion or accomplishment or 'just because.'

Size: 7.25in x 5.4in x 5.4in