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Lucky Cat Classic


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The red cover of this fun pop-up card features a laser-cut illustration of a Japanese Maneki-Neko also known as the beckoning cat, lucky cat, or welcoming cat.

Once opened the Lucky Cat pops up and beckons with its right paw which is believed to bring good luck and wealth. The cute feline is wearing a decorative collar and bib and is holding and surrounded by golden coins called koban.

Inspiration for the Lucky Cat Pop Up Card:
Lovepop designer Norma created Lucky Cat because she believes that one can never have too much good fortune. She set out to create a pop up that is both cute and brings good luck and the Lovepop Lucky Cat was born.

Lucky Cats are often seen in homes, temples, and restaurants across Japan and other Asian countries. There are many stories about the origin of the Lucky cat, but the most popular one told of a wealthy traveler who hid under a tree near a temple during a rain storm. There he noticed a cat at the temple doorway that seems to be beckoning him to come over.

The traveler decided to walk over to the cat, and as soon as he left, the tree that he was previously standing under was struck by lightning and fell. To thank the cat for saving him, he became a patron of the temple, and a cat statue was made in his honor when he passed away.

The Lucky Cat is often shown either raising his left paw, to entice customers to a business, or a raised right paw which is believed to bring good luck or fortune. Some beckoning cats are even depicted with both paws up to summon as much good luck and fortune as possible!

The color of the cat is also of significance. We chose to design a white cat because the color represents happiness. The ornate bib and bell around the Lucky Cat's neck represent protection or wealth.

Occasions for the Lucky Cat Card:
This card is perfect for anyone anytime a bit of good luck is needed. A wonderful gift for a recent graduate, a new homeowner, someone embarking upon a new career, or for a friend who is nervous about an upcoming surgery.

There are truly countless uses for this pop-up card. You could purchase it for yourself and display it on your desk or at your home to encourage good fortune to come your way.

The Lucky Cat card is 5 inches x 7 inches.

One Lovepop pop-up card with one blank envelope.