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Hockey Player Pop-Up Card

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The Hockey Player pop up features a laser-cut blue cover with an illustration of a black goalie mask with a white cage.

Inside the Hockey Player card, a goalie in a red and white Lovepop jersey is sliding across the ice to make a stick save and a beauty. The goaltender is wearing vintage brown pads playing an aggressive game outside of his crease.

Inspiration for the Hockey Player card:
Lovepop design intern Jenn needed a little help to get this card into All-Star shape. Cody, our resident hockey expert, stepped up to lend a hand with the primary assist.

Many of you asked for a Hockey Player pop up, so we knew had to get it just right before releasing it. Similar to how hockey goaltenders stylize their masks, we wanted to customize this design in our own creative way.

Jenn’s inspiration stemmed from a classic hockey movie: The Mighty Ducks. She envisioned the perfect backstopper after reminiscing about watching the movie for the first time.

We would pick this card to our All-Star team, now it’s your turn to do the same.

Occasions for the Hockey Player card:
Give the Hockey Player pop up to the hockey mom or dad that has had to deal with the intense odor that every equipment bag has. It is the perfect thank you for a parent that has spent countless hours shuttling their future pro from tournament to tournament.

The Hockey Player card is also great to gift to a fellow hockey fanatic with the sweet tickets you scored for the upcoming game or a kid who who played their heart all season.

The Hockey Player pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

One beauty of a Lovepop with one blank envelope.