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Christmas Cat Classic

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The Christmas Cat pop up features a glittery red cover laser-cut with an off-white gift box and ribbon with a little cat popping its head out.

Inside the Christmas Cat card, a white-furred and blue-eyed cat is popping out of a gift box, intricately wrapped with red and white ribbons. Behind our furry friend, various colored presents lay unopened and untouched. The white inner panels feature a green wreath decorated on one side and a red ribbon with gold ornaments on the other.

Inspiration for the Christmas Cat card:
The Christmas Cat design was a dual effort by two of our amazing interns, Jenn and Kincso. Jenn started off the design, and ultimately Kincso came in to give the pop up its finishing touches.

Kincso particularly enjoyed working on this design because of the vivid memories of the havoc her cats wreaked cats during the holidays. Her beloved felines would have their way with all of the crumpled paper, strings, ribbons, and boxes. In her words, “It’s always quite an experience.”

Occasions for the Christmas Cat card:
The Christmas Cat design is a great holiday gift for a neighbor who loves her cats or for a little loved one who adores cute and cuddly kittens.

The Christmas Cat is also great to give to any cat lover!

The Christmas Cat pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

One adorably cute Lovepop with one blank envelope.