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Personalized Notes

Make it personal with a photo and message.


What is a personalized note?

A personalized note allows you to add a photo and text to the card insert, and it also offers you the option to mail the card with your personalized note directly to your recipient. This is a convenient option if you aren’t able to deliver a note in person, or don’t have time to handwrite and mail the card yourself. This personalization service is $5 and includes free ground shipping.

How can I add a personalized note to my card?

When viewing a product, select the “Personalized note” option and then click the red “Personalize” button. This will launch a new window that will guide you through the personalization process, which allows you to upload a photo (optional), write a message, and specify your delivery address and date.

When will my personalized note arrive?

During the personalization process, you will have the option to either send the card immediately, or delay delivery to arrive by a specific date.

If you send the card right away, you will have the option to select your shipping method at checkout. All personalized cards include free standard shipping to US addresses, which typically takes 3-7 business days.

If you choose to delay shipping, we will ship your order via standard shipping, which typically takes 3-7 business days, so that it arrives near your selected delivery date. We do our best to ensure that your card arrives on time, however, we cannot make any guarantees due to possible delays with the United States Postal Service. All cards with personalized notes also include tracking so that you can see the estimated delivery.

How does a personalized note arrive?

We carefully print your personalized note and insert it into your selected Lovepop card. We then put your note in an envelope, and pack the envelope into a Lovepop mailer. This extra packaging ensures that your card arrives safely!

How do I add a photo to my personalized note?

Photos are a great way to make your note extra special! To add a photo, select the “Upload Photo” button on the personalization screen. This will open a file browser to let you find the photo on your computer or mobile device. You might then be asked to crop or position your photo to ensure that it will fit on the note. The photo space is 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches, and for this reason we recommend square photos.

Your photo should be in one of the following formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .svg, .gif, .tiff or .png. The photo should also be less than 10MB in file size.

If you are having trouble getting your photo to work, we’d be more than happy to help you! Email us at or give us a call at 888-687-9589.

What products is the personalized note available on?

We currently offer the personalized note service on most of our 5x7 pop-up greeting cards. Unfortunately we are not able to offer this service on our card packs, notecards or decor items. All products that are eligible for a personalized note will have the “Personalized note” option displayed on the product page.

What can I write in my personalized note?

We hope you’ll write a special message for your recipient! To make sure your note prints correctly, we do limit the amount of text to either 7 lines (for an all text note) or 6 lines (for a photo and text note).

Lovepop does have a content policy, which is outlined in our Terms of Service, and we reserve the right to cancel and refund orders that violate that policy. Please refrain from any R-rated content!