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Holiday Cards, Decor, & More

Happy holidays! Prepare for the upcoming season by pulling out all your holiday card sayings and holiday card messages! Celebrate the joy that others bring into your life with a funny or sweet message and a happy holiday pop-up card!

Whether your family and friends are near or far, send them holiday cheer with a beautiful pop-up gift to show just how much you care. Get in the holiday spirit by adding a personalized message and/or photo directly on our website or by personalizing their envelope with some festive decorations of your own.

Celebrate the season with Holiday greeting cards

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Why send a Holiday greeting card?

The holidays are a time for gratitude, celebration, and connection. From intricate decorations and ornaments to shareable cards and giant pop-up gifts, our collection of holiday cards and gifts will bring joy and cheer to you and your loved ones, far and near.Celebrate your friends and family with the perfect Christmas card just for them. From Thanksgiving turkeys to Hanukkah dreidels and more, no matter what they celebrate, they’ll feel the joys of the season with a personalized holiday card sent from the heart.

What to write in a happy holidays greeting card?

Season’s greetings! We know tackling your card list at this time of the year can be stressful — it's a big task! But it doesn't have to be boring. We created some beautiful new holiday cards and have shared some non-traditional ideas to season your greetings.

Holiday Cactus
- You sure are looking sharp this holiday season. Good thing you’re stuck with me!
- Merry cactus! Here’s to hoping your holidays are on point!

- Happy Challah-days! I hope you like your present a latke!
- Wishing you a holiday season that is far from drei-dull!

Christmas Candle
- Your kindness and generosity is a light in everyone’s lives. Happy Holidays!
- From our family to yours: wishing you a scent-sational holiday season!

Christmas Tree
- Sending lots of love and best wishes for a tree-mendous Christmas!
- What better way to spruce up a Christmas present than a holiday card like this one?! All my best to you and yours.

Holiday greeting card delivery made easy

How many stamps do I need to send Lovepop holiday cards?

We recommend one 70 cent stamp or two forever stamps to ensure your happy holiday card gets delivered safely for family and friends. For flower bouquets and other larger-format gifts, please visit your local post office or shipping store for exact shipping and pricing options.

Can I send my holiday cards or gifts directly to my recipient from your website?

Yes! You can personalize any holiday card, holiday bouquet, or giant pop-up gift with a photo and/or custom message, and we’ll send it directly to your recipient for just $5 more. Send your personalized holiday cards with a photo reminder of special memories shared with family and friends. Any recipient will appreciate the personal touch of a holiday greeting card from someone they love.

Need a holiday greeting card right away?

On our mission to create one billion magical moments, we’re making the best holiday greeting cards and gifts available everywhere. In addition to our own brand brick and mortar stores and kiosks, we also work with hundreds of retailers across the country to bring the holiday magic a little closer to you. Use our Lovepop store locator to find a Lovepop retailer near you!

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